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Adjustable Control Arms



OME is pleased to release a new range of adjustable control arms
with Max C Dual Durometer bushes for the JK Wrangler.
Adjustable control arms will benefit owners who want to customise
settings like caster and pinion angles and to fine tune ride and
handling for both on and off road applications. Lower control arms
have been designed with strength and durability in mind specify a
2 inch x 0.188 inch wall (50.8mm x 4.7mm) DOM steel tube, forged
eyelet and rod end and also offer maximum ground clearance. Upper
control arms feature a 1.25 inch x 0.188 inch wall (31.7mm x 4.7mm)
DOM steel tube and forget rod end and or eyelet. All arms have
been shot peened, zinc electroplated and powdercoated to ensure
maximum corrosion resistance.
Max C Bushes:
MAX-C is a Dual Durometer composite bushing engineered for optimal ride quality and off-terrain durability
in heavy duty applications. Suitable for on-road and off-road vehicle applications.
The MAX-C is constructed of multiple urethane compounds and materials to deliver significant dampening
and elastic characteristics that enable the joint to perform in a more linear torsional spring rate. The
Free Pivot design eliminates pre-mature bushing failures from twisting loads particularly on long travel
suspension arms or track bars and is ideal for heavy duty off-road performance. Synthetic Elastomer
formulation consistently recovers to co-centric position effectively Self Centring the joint. Reinforcement
Tube redistributes load evenly throughout the cushion and prevents contaminants entry into the joint by
effectively minimizing gaping of the hole during misalignment configuration.

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