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Long Range fuel Tanks



A new frontier for ARB
As a product range extension to our existing 4wd fuel tanks, we are releasing a range of polymer diesel fuel tanks for popular current model vehicles. Whilst vehicle manufacturers have been using polymer fuel tanks for many years, ARB is heading into a new frontier with an extended fuel range replacement tank for diesel powered vehicles.
The polymer diesel fuel tanks will be marketed as an ARB Frontier tank. A special ARB Frontier branded dome badge will adorn every tank in its most visible location. This branding also provides clear differentiation from the Long Ranger steel fuel tanks.
The tank is roto-moulded from a specially formulated cross-linked polymer that features impact resistance, flexibility and is also UV stable. The roto-moulding process enables us to provide a single piece construction tank configured to the shape and form of the under vehicle body. You will be suitably impressed at how strong and robust these tanks are, with a massive wall thickness of around 9mm.
During production, every tank is pressure tested and fittings assembled on the tank where applicable. The tank also has brass inserts to accommodate the necessary torque of the hardware. Provided with every tank is a set of mounting straps that fit to the existing vehicle mounts.

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