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Drivetech 4x4 Suspension Kits




All steering and suspension parts continue Drivetech 4×4’s tradition of supplying the market with top quality 4WD parts and components at very reasonable prices.

“All our steering components are OEM standard or better,”
“Steering is safety-critical so it’s important not to muck around with inferior parts or you’re risking people’s lives. At Drivetech 4×4 we achieve competitively priced, OE style parts without compromising on safety.”

“In terms of suspension, all Drivetech 4×4 parts are high quality, with many of them made to even higher specifications than OEM parts.”

“With our suspension parts, we want to ensure vehicles ride and perform better than standard, both on and off the road, and our top quality range achieves this.”
Drivetech4x4 suspension lift kits include everything you need to successfully raise your 4WD by 40 to 50 millimetres, so they’re very convenient,
“Suspension lift kits are also very cost effective. Plus, you won’t forget anything when you order a kit, so they are time saving as well by removing the need to source special or missing parts before doing the job.
We have Components for the latest 4WDs,
Drivetech 4×4’s range of suspension and steering parts is comprehensive and includes parts for the newest 4WD vehicles on Australian roads.
We try to bring products out as quickly as possible to suit the latest 4WD vehicles. For example, the new range features more parts for the new Ford Ranger and the all new Holden Colorado & Nissan NP300 despite these vehicles only hitting Australian roads relatively recently.
Contact us at Pilbara auto & 4×4 for any advice on suspension.

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