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At Pilbara Auto & 4×4 we offer a full installation service by fully qualified technicians located in the adjacent workshop at Tyrepro & Mechanical Tom Price, as well as our Perth based Welshpool Tyrepro & Mechanical store to fit and install all Pilbara Auto & 4×4 products, accessories and parts. It is essential that your vehicle accessories are installed by trained technicians so the installation complies with the vehicles specifications and operates correctly. Both our Tyrepro & Mechanical stores are committed to providing you with the best service and top quality workmanship. Customer service is important to us and our experienced team have the skills to install all automotive products and accessories. Properly installed vehicle accessories help you enjoy the capabilities of your vehicle and maximise your vehicles handling and performance on and off the road.

Most new 4×4 vehicles are tuned for comfort during on road driving and limited off road driving. Once weight is added in the form of accessories and cargo, and road conditions deteriorate, the performance and reliability of your 4×4 suffers and you may need to upgrade the suspension on your vehicle. Quality, application specific, aftermarket suspension is designed to increase load carrying capability and improve both vehicle handling and comfort across all terrains, also providing increased ground clearance to better tackle more challenging terrain. Unlike some other accessories, you’ll notice the benefits of a new suspension system every time you drive your vehicle.

No 4×4 fit out is complete without a bull bar which provides a 4×4 with a massive amount of frontal protection. For those who regularly spend time in remote and rural areas, the risk of animal strike makes steel bull bars an obvious choice when selecting vehicle accessories. Rear bars, incorporating wheel carriers and jerry can holders, provide additional functionality while delivering vehicle protection. Side protection acts to shield your vehicle’s lower panels from rocks and debris when off road. Side rails and protection steps provide the ultimate protection for off road driving, as well as allowing easier access to the vehicle.

For all your car & 4×4 parts & accessories just contact the local friendly team at Pilbara Auto & 4×4.